Our Purpose

In order to keep alive the principle of “responsibility before God and man”, as stated in the preamble to the German Basic Law, and to promote the understanding between the nations of the world, we as Initiative Verantwortung (“Initiative Responsibility”) get active in many ways. With a respectful and appreciative attitude we create rooms for encounter where origin, office, or conviction takes a step back to give way to simply being human. Rooms where people encounter each other as human beings. Rooms that provide an oasis for people in positions of responsibility in the midst of their hectic everyday lives.

Time and again we have found an important example in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. In His presence, people always experienced appreciation and encouragement, regardless of their origin, religion, or gender. He showed people how to live peacefully with each other. In this spirit we aim to get involved in politics, society, and economy.