Berlin Gathering 2024 - 27th-29th June

"Responsibility before God and Men.
blessed are the peacemakers."



Impressions of the Berlin Gathering 2022




Junior Programme at the International Berlin Gathering

The "Juniors in Responsibility" invite dedicated young adults between 18 and 35 years of age to take on responsibility for society. We facilitate encounters with people in positions of responsibility in politics and society to learn from their experiences about the importance of values in everyday (political) work. Jointly discussing the responsibility before God and man of each individual and the emerging generation lies the centre of the gathering. The Junior Programme contains: ● Participation in the International Gathering ● Briefing and Debriefing ● Small exchange groups of young adults ● Encounters with people in positions of responsibility from all over the world ● The Junior Programme will be conducted in English. Contact: die.jungen(at)